Acid based treatments are often available over the counter as Verruca products, similar treatments can be offered by a Podiatrist although generally the active ingredient, in most cases salicylic acid, will be more potent.  

How does it work?

Salicylic acid is a keratolytic which means it can break down the outer layers of the virus-infected epidermis.  Prior to each use of Salicylic acid the area should be debrided of hyperkeratotic tissue and then the lesion should be entirely covered with the product of choice, typically once daily but please see individual product guidance.

What are the advantages

This treatment is convenient in that it can be undertaken at home, it is cheaper than most clinic based treatments and the pain is negligible.

What are the disadvantages

For this treatment to work, patient concordance is very important! The treatment regime must be strictly followed, and this can be for weeks, more likely months. Overzealous application, negligence or lack of patient education can lead to chemical burns and or skin irritation.

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