How often do I need it?

It is claimed that a verruca can be resolved in one application although the data on this is particularly sparse,  more likely 2-6 treatments at 2-3 weekly intervals.  

Does it take long to heal?

Yes.  Cryosurgery produces tissue damage that heals by secondary intention, although healing time directly correlates to the depth of freezing.  Exudate may be seen for up to two weeks post treatment.


Cryotherapy is a controlled destruction of the verruca by utilisation of very low tempretures

How does it work? 

The freezing effect causes tissue damage via two mechanisms.  Firstly the induction of tissue ischemia, the freezing temperature damages the blood vessels and capillaries within the target area which leads to ischemic necrosis of the tissue.  The second mechanism damages the cells by forming ice crystals and inducing osmotic cell injury – as the tissue thaws, crystals outside the cells melt and create a gradient that rapidly draws water back into the cell causing it to swell and burst.

Does it hurt? 

Yes, the treatment can last from 10-20 seconds and the pain normally subsides within a minute or two

Are there side affects?

It is fairly likely that there will be some side affects which can include blistering, infection, and dyspigmentation of the skin.

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