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Verruca spreads through the shedding of infected epithelial cells from the surface of the skin so there is a minimal release (if any) of viral proteins circulating and so the dendritic cells, a special type of immune cell found in the skin that boosts immune response by showing antigens on its surface to other cells of the immune system.  verruca also have their own cloaking device, the immune system has many properties but for now we’ll consider two parts Langerhans and T cells.  The Langerhans search and the T cells destroy.  A verruca puts out cytokines which essentially hide it from the Langerhans so they never get reported to the destroyers.


Most treatments for Verruca work on the premise of invoking an inflammatory response, with needling it pushed the verruca into the subcutaneous layer of the skin where immune cells are abundant and with Cryo, Swift and even the acid based treatments look to create that immune response by creating a trauma.


Left untouched, eventually a Verruca will self-resolve, the T cells will destroy them and once they do they’ll have a memory of what verruca are and a blueprint on how to destroy them!  In adults in can take a really long time for this to happen however in children where their immune systems are much more proactive self-resolution usually occurs within two years.

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