Needling is an innovative and highly effective treatment for verruca’s.The treatment, pioneered by Falknor in the late 1960’s utilises a 27-gauge needle to break down the verruca and stimulate a controlled inflammatory response.

How does it work?

As we know the verruca virus can hide anyway within the epidermis without detection for some time, needling breaks the lesion up and pushes in into the subcutaneous fat which is rich with immune cells.Although more research needs to be done, it is evident that needling one lesion can produce a cascade effect of spontaneous regression in other lesions suggestion a systemic immune system reaction.

What is the process

The first stage of the process is the administration of local anaesthetic.  Depending on the location of the verruca it may require a tibial block (ankle injection), a digital block (toe injection) or local infiltration (directly around the lesion)



What next?

Once the area is numb a hollow needle is used to puncture the wound until no resistance from the epidermis occurs and the entire lesion is perforate.

Is that it?

Yes, once the needling is complete a sterile, non-adherent dressing will be placed over the area and kept dry for 24 hours.

Will it hurt afterwards?

Once the local anaesthetic has worn off the area can be a little sore.  If you require some painkillers make sure you DO NOT take ibuprofen as this is an anti inflammatory and we are relying on the inflammatory response for this to work!

What are the risks?

This treatment is considered safe however on very rare occasions, some complications can occur, which include, infection, delayed healing, adverse reaction to local anaesthetic.

Is this the right treatment for me?

With all treatments the benefit must be weighed against the risk.  It is not possible to give a generic answer when there are so many variables of a patient but this is generally considered a good approach for a healthy adult who requires resolution of their VP.

The Con's

It does require the use of local anaesthetic.

It is more expensive that other methods

The Pro's

There is a good chance of resolution

Less risk that surgery

Does not create an open wound

Does not create scar tissue

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