The Pro's

There is minimal risk associated

There is minimal cost implication

There is a good chance it will reduce associated pain

The Con's


There are many hypothosized mechanisms in which  occlusion will resolve a verruca however a lack of gold standard research means it hard to support one theory over another.  What we do know is that the pain felt from a verruca is often caused not by the lesion but the build up of callus.  

How does Occlusion work?

Once the callus has been debrided a tape, (ZINC OXIDE is preferred) is used to occlude the lesion which prevents moisture from leaving and results in a macerated area.  The tape is changed regularly but changes must be efficient, ie the lesion should not be allowed to dry out before reapplying tape.

Do this remove a verruca?

A study in 2012 (Kwok et al), suggests that the macerating might cause a keratolytic environment and subsequently stimulate an immune response however further studies have shown huge inconsistencies.

What we do know though is that is can be a low risk way of removing the discomfort!

There is a minimal chance that this will irradicate the verruca

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