Will i need a dressing?

As Swift doesn’t damage the skin, no dressings are required.

Is Swift the best treatment for me ?

What is SWIFT

Swift is a new technology licensed in the UK for the treatment of verrucae’s and warts by podiatrists.  It utilises microwave energy, that is delivered directly to the site of the verruca by a hand-held probe.


The microwaves are sent to a precise and predetermined depth and they target the water molecules within the skin, creating heat and this in turn activates an immune response.

Does it take long?

Each verruca is treated with Swift for 2–5 seconds and this is repeated between five and eight times per session. The dose delivered is tailored to each patient and each verruca.

Does it hurt ?

Pain tolerance is subjective and although some people have described it as “ok”, the general consensus is that it’s not pleasant.

It depends!  Whilst success rates are reported to be similarly high to Needling - This is a new treatment and more data must be gained!  Ultimately it will depend on the usual patient variables and expectations but it appears to be quite effective, will likely cost slightly less than needling and take less time but it will hurt more.

You will not be able to have Swift treatment if you have metal work in the foot, have a pacemaker, or are an expectant mother.

No, if local anaesthetic was utilised it would likely cause an adverse reaction particularly if the lesion was on a toe and a digital block (toe injection) was utilised.  

Do I need local anesthic for it?

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